C: The Bands

Andrzej Bramowski

Andrzej Bramowski is a Polish street musician forming the one-man band, ‘Andrzej Bramowski i Ariergarda Piosenki Chodnikowej’. He is a singer/songwriter whose music is part performance and part anarchist protest. He also translates and performs works from other songwriters such as the Animals and Timur Mutsuraev. He is strongly influenced by Polish songwriters such as Jacek Zwozniak, Bartosz Kalinowski, Roszak and Reichel and other bands such as the Riot Folk Collective and the Irish rebel group, The Fighting Men from Crossmaglen.




Antybiotyk is a project of psychedelic poetry. The music only serves the poetry. Through the heavy, ill musical rhythms of Antybiotyk, the different faces of melodic recitation are revealed. The music composed to the words gives the poetry a depth and a different dimension. Poetry performed in combination with Antybiotyk’s music works like alcohol and nicotine in heavy doses.



Four elements made up of four different characters, glide along the edge of emotional exultations and trance. In their moody compositions, harmony meets madness and sadness can explode with glee. There is no compromising. Sweeping noise of guitars interlacing with uncanny synth aura, creates a melancholic, yet, forceful wall of sound. Deep bass, and powerful drums intensify the experience, taking the listener on journeys to other dimensions.



The band Wieloryb was established in Gdansk in 1994. At first, it consisted of four members from different bands in the Tri-City area. In the same year they released their first album entitled “I”. Wieloryb was one of the first Polish industrial bands to start playing live within Poland, as well as, abroad. The band has also played with such musicians as Jimi Tenor and Pan Sonic. In 1995, they released their second official album: “II”. The band is quite experimental, embracing various approaches, and their current musical path is one of industrial rhythmic noise, inspired by a further existing rhythm. The city noise, the heartbeat, the rhythm of machines, the pulse… consistent and as repetitive as sex, birth, pain, and death.



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